Blackwell’s Manchester bestsellers for October 2013

Let’s have a look at our bestselling books for last month. The clocks changed, the evenings became darker and all you had to snuggle were your books. What did you buy?

Morrissey: Autobiography1 – Autobiography by Morrissey

The lead singer of Girls Aloud writes about guesting on drums for Queens of the Stone Age following his international smash hit album Graceland.  The passage about his Hanson tribute act with John Lennon and the Black Eyed Peas’ is particularly illuminating.

2 – My Autobiography by Alex Ferguson

Insert equally witty nonsense blurb about obscure football teams and historical Division One players, wedging in the old pub quiz answer about Stockport County being closest to the River Mersey and something about football teams with X in the name.

3 – UK Economy custom book (a special book made for the course) (yes, we really do that) (it’s got proper words and everything)

4 – An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning by Peter J Eccles (the essential university mathematics textbook)

5 – The Whetton MMU pack (another special pack made up for a management course, this time comprising Developing Management Skills and Organisational Behaviour)

So if you do management, economics, maths, footie or swirl around a stage with gladioli, October was for you.

Stack ’em up… You have a reading list? We have the textbook!


Our textbooks for the new semester are arriving thick and fast.

If you are a lecturer and you need your students to buy textbooks, let us know.  We’ll order in copies so they’re ready and waiting for when students leave lectures. And yes, in many cases, our prices are going head-to-head with a certain online retailer beginning with A!

Likewise, if you are a student and you want anything from your reading list, just ask. We’ll either have it in, or we can get it quickly for you.

Our contact details are on the right. Alternatively, upload information to Reading Lists.

Right. Time to neaten those piles of books…