Mountains of Moleskines reduced

Lovely Moleskine things.

So strong is their product, Moleskine have been called the iPhone of notebooks. So we are delighted to bring you an exclusive offer on a range of Moleskine travel accessories.

Throughout the shop, you will see 20%-off displays on some Moleskine items you may not have seen before.

We have durable iPad covers (for 3 and 4), stylish laptop and messenger bags with gorgeous inner linings, including their new MyCloud range, and book lights designed to match all the colours of the rainbow, each with warm, rechargeable LEDs.

We even have colour pencil cases!

20% off RRP on quality Moleskine accessories is a deal that is only available in our bookshop, and the offer won’t last long. Pop in for details.

Click here to browse the rest of the Moleskine range.

Pictures of our @introducingbook Graphic Guide display (near the comfy sofa)

We have a new display of Graphic Guides by Introducing Books that covers everything from aesthetics to Žižek, passing chaos and logic on the way.

The series is on a 3-for-2 offer and the books can be found on the first floor, near the comfy sofa. Click the pics if you need them bigger.

Mmmmm. Comfy sofa…. *drools*

Disclaimer: please do not drool on (a) the sofa, (b) the Graphic Guides or (c) anything else.


Pictured: our display of Graphic Guides.


Pictured: the poster we made for the display.

“Ah! The great poetry of Bruce Forsyth, and the cheap tricks of William Shakespeare.”


How do you make a memorable sentence? Mark Forsythe outlines a few ideas, linking Snoop Dogg, Bruce Forsyth (no relation?) and William Shakespeare, in The Elements of Eloquence.

It’s half price until we close at 5pm today and would be an excellent last-minute buy for your word-y friends. Cast your eyes over this snippet in the Guardian, in which he explains the rather odd title of this blog post.

Discount day for @ManMedSoc: Thursday 17 October 2013

MedSoc logo

On Thursday, members of Manchester MedSoc will get 10% off their shopping here at Blackwell’s bookshop.

That includes 10% off existing offers. For example, you could get Guyton & Hall Medical Physiology, enjoy our existing £22-off-RRP saving and then save a further 10%. Result? A £73 textbook for £46. You won’t get that with certain online behemoths!

And if an all-day discount’s not enough, we will ply MedSoc members with food and booze from 5pm until 7pm until they are physically rolling on the floor among our stethoscopes. During this time, MedSoc will also be here to sell you membership, hoodies and polo-neck tops – and offer study advice for those that want it.

Join the Facebook event for the Manchester MedSoc discount day here.

As ever there is small print: the offer is only available in our shop, and there are some exceptions to the discount such as some technology product. But that’s about it. See you on Thursday, MedSoccers!

Stack ’em up… You have a reading list? We have the textbook!


Our textbooks for the new semester are arriving thick and fast.

If you are a lecturer and you need your students to buy textbooks, let us know.  We’ll order in copies so they’re ready and waiting for when students leave lectures. And yes, in many cases, our prices are going head-to-head with a certain online retailer beginning with A!

Likewise, if you are a student and you want anything from your reading list, just ask. We’ll either have it in, or we can get it quickly for you.

Our contact details are on the right. Alternatively, upload information to Reading Lists.

Right. Time to neaten those piles of books…