A #shelfie of our politics department (with a head-nod to ‏@bsfc_literacy!)


Our lovely Politics department – or at least, some of it – which you can find on our first floor near History and Philosophy.

We’d not thought of doing a “shelfie” before. Opportunist cash-in? Yeah, probably!

Tip o’ the hat to the Literacy Action Group for giving us the idea on Twitter.

Also, if you put extreme angles in your photos, it makes them arty, right?

Pictures of our @introducingbook Graphic Guide display (near the comfy sofa)

We have a new display of Graphic Guides by Introducing Books that covers everything from aesthetics to Žižek, passing chaos and logic on the way.

The series is on a 3-for-2 offer and the books can be found on the first floor, near the comfy sofa. Click the pics if you need them bigger.

Mmmmm. Comfy sofa…. *drools*

Disclaimer: please do not drool on (a) the sofa, (b) the Graphic Guides or (c) anything else.


Pictured: our display of Graphic Guides.


Pictured: the poster we made for the display.

War and Peace in 12 words


This is the seventh one.

Cozy Classics take popular stories and boil them down to the simplest possible ingredients: 12 words and 12 pictures. That means you could read the whole of Moby Dick, Les Mis, War and Peace *and* Pride and Prejudice in fewer than 50 words.

And actually, they’re super-cute children’s board books: the lighting and arrangement of the photographs are staggeringly good.

Browse Cozy Classics. Scroll down for the feature panel on the Blackwell’s website.