Science talks 2014

Manchester Science Festival logoOur popular annual talks for Manchester Science Festival are bigger than ever this year, and will take place in two venues: here at Blackwell’s and at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation.

Look out for a pigeon from the past teaching us about the decline of species, the last people you expect to ignore climate change, top mathematician Alex Bellos making numbers add up for us non-mathematicians, plenty of animal sex, the story of the biggest particle hunt of all time and a spot of stargazing with TV’s Mark Thompson.

(We recommend you book for the Alex Bellos and Mark Thompson events. Click their names to book.)

Our event schedule:

A message from Martha, the world’s last carrier pigeon
Saturday, October 25th at 17:30 in Blackwell’s (see event)

Why we ignore climate change
Monday, October 27th at 18:30 in Blackwell’s (see event)

What’s your favourite number? with Alex Bellos
Tuesday, October 28th at 18:30 at the Burgess Foundation (see event) (get tickets)

Sex on earth
Thursday, October 30th at 18:30 in Blackwell’s (see event)

Smashing Physics: inside the world’s biggest experiment
Saturday, November 1st at 14:00 in Blackwell’s (see event)

Stargazing with Mark Thompson
Saturday, November 1st at 18:30 (see event) (get tickets)

See all events here

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