Discount day for @ManMedSoc: Thursday 17 October 2013

MedSoc logo

On Thursday, members of Manchester MedSoc will get 10% off their shopping here at Blackwell’s bookshop.

That includes 10% off existing offers. For example, you could get Guyton & Hall Medical Physiology, enjoy our existing £22-off-RRP saving and then save a further 10%. Result? A £73 textbook for £46. You won’t get that with certain online behemoths!

And if an all-day discount’s not enough, we will ply MedSoc members with food and booze from 5pm until 7pm until they are physically rolling on the floor among our stethoscopes. During this time, MedSoc will also be here to sell you membership, hoodies and polo-neck tops – and offer study advice for those that want it.

Join the Facebook event for the Manchester MedSoc discount day here.

As ever there is small print: the offer is only available in our shop, and there are some exceptions to the discount such as some technology product. But that’s about it. See you on Thursday, MedSoccers!


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