Oooooo, Raspberry Pi!


We now stock the Raspberry Pi.

Things to know about the Raspberry Pi:

– It doesn’t have an on/off switch. Just plug in and go.

– It’s a *bit* too big to fit into an Altoids tin.

– You can run it off batteries if you really want to.

– It has a ‘ball grid array’. We suspect this has nothing to do with massive ballpits.

– You can use it for spreadsheets, word processing, gaming, and for helping people rediscover the lost art of programming. It’s ace.

– Our pink / yellow design, above, was done in Microsoft Paint. Sorry, Raspberry Pi.

Books! Cumbersome, dusty and weighty?

Did you see that bewildering blog post on the Guardian website the other day? The rare book dealer who, since buying an e-reader, found paper books “fusty and old fashioned”?

The only “cumbersome, dusty and weighty” things in our shop are our booksellers (heh, sorry!) and we intend to keep it that way.

Because if we did suddenly feel detached from our wonderful books, it could make our customers uneasy:

CUSTOMER: I’d like to buy this copy of Ovid please.

BOOKSELLER: Eeeeugh. What’s that in your hand?

CUSTOMER: A paperback of Metamorphoses. Why are you looking at me like that?

BOOKSELLER: It’s papery and horrible! The page-y things move in the wind. Yuck. *swat, swat*

CUSTOMER: Oy. Stop hitting me with that poster tube. Ouch. Stop it.

BOOKSELLER: It’s okay. I’ve killed it. Quick, stamp on it in case it moves.


CUSTOMER: I’m not paying for that, y’know.

Yeah. Awkward. It’s easier for us to stay in love with the movey-pagey oblong papery things.

PS: Our booksellers are not cumbersome, dusty and weighty. They are lithe, highly buffed and as light as air.

We are recruiting!


When we get proper busy at the start of the new academic year, we need a bunch of talented, switched-on temporary booksellers to join our team.

That might be you. Send a CV to our shop (address at the top right of our blog) or email it to

Please note, due to the volume of CVs received here at Blackwell towers, we can’t acknowledge receipt of every CV. But trust us, if you might be right for the job, we’ll be in touch later in August.