Our top five bestselling books (31st July 2013)

A Modern Family

1 A Modern Family – Socrates Adams (number one thanks to our fantastic book launch)

2 The Casual Vacancy – JK Rowling (maintains its number two spot from last week’s chart)

3 The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith (drops from last week’s number one when we were selling much more valuable first print editions)

4 Beginning Postmodernism – Tim Woods (a top dollar promotion with Manchester University Press shoots them straight into our bestsellers!)

5 Bring Up the Bodies – Hilary Mantel (who holds on to the number five spot like Harold Lloyd on a clockface)

Video fluff: some promotions on our first floor

It’s not just about publishers releasing the right book – it’s how they support bookshops once the title is in the shop. Here’s a quick glimpse at some of our promotional displays on our first floor.

With apologies to Edgar Wright, from whom we stole some fancy camera angles.

[Won’t play? Direct link here.]

A stone(r) cold classic


Out of the blue,  a 50-year-old story about an unassuming literary scholar has become somewhat of a sensation.

The likes of CP Snow had long been decrying the lack of success of John Williams’ Stoner.

Stoner should delight fans of modern literature – assuming, unassuming or otherwise. Come see. You’ll find it in our fiction department under W.

Our top five bestselling books (24th July 2013)


1 The Cuckoo’s Calling – “Robert Galbraith” (apparently written by someone famous)

2 The Casual Vacancy – JK Rowling (apparently written by Robert Galbraith)

3 A Feast for Crows – George RR Martin (where Martin can get away with names like Myrcella Baratheon and still be loved for it)

4 NW – Zadie Smith (a case of ‘Willesden they or won’t they?’)

5 Bring Up the Bodies – Hilary Mantel (winner of the Booker, the Costa, the Nobel Peace Prize, Wimbledon, the Postcode Lottery, etc etc)

Booker longlistees and their anagrams

Here are the 2013 Booker Prize longlistees and their anagrams. With apologies to Colum McCann and probably-favourite Jim Crace who have a pretty unanagrammable names…

Ha Swat =Tash Aw

About Wool Naively = NoViolet Bulawayo

Tolerate Canon = Eleanor Catton

Rear Hives = Eve Harris

Hurried Chaos = Richard House

Jail-Hair Hump = Jhumpa Lahiri

Monocled Alias = Alison MacLeod

A Trenched Melon Lost = Charlotte Mendelson

Uh, Zero Kit = Ruth Ozeki

Annoy Lard = Donal Ryan

Climb In Too = Colm Tóibín